Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Caste, Reservation and Democracy

Caste, a term used to describe the subgroups of a particular religion. For Eg:- Muslims are subdivided into Sunni and Shiya, Christians into Protestants and Catholics, and then Hindus are divided into GOD (Saying that there are 10 million gods in our Hinduism) knows how many castes.
In India, We follow secularism, as it is told. The majority of people in India are Hindus, then Muslims, then Christians and then the others. 
Back in 1947, India metamorphosed into a free and independent country. After that, our political leaders came together to form a CONSTITUTION, otherwise our country would be in riot and murders and rape would occur, which was headed by Dr B.R Ambedkar. Now this man B.R Ambedkar was genuinely an amazing man, who fought for the rights of the Backward and oppressed classes, which was truly astounding. But then this man screwed half of the population of 21st Century in India by a system known as Reservation. 
Now let's go back in time and research briefly about how this reservation system started. 
Around 300-400 years back, casteism in India was not based upon any religion, it was upon your work and this system was termed as Varna.
Now there are 4 varnas:- Brahmins (The Saints), Kshatriya (The Warriors), Vaishyas (The Entrepreneurs) and Shudras (The Untouchables). Now these Brahmins, Kshatriya and Vaishyas considered themselves as High Castes and considered the Shudras as the Low Born and Untouchables. The whole story of reservation revolves around this fourth Varna, The Shudras. They were termed as 'Bhangi' or untouchables as they did the work like cleaning dead carcasses, cleaning toilets, unclogging sewers and etc. They were not allowed to use public wells, public places or even temples. Which was literally screwed up at that time. I mean these so-called high caste people high caste people wiped their asses with gold paper that they are discriminating, stereotyping and barring those people who provided services to them! Literally, it was all Bullshit at that time.

Now, this stereotyping and discrimination went on till 1940's. Then rose this legend, B.R Ambedkar, was a Dalit (A Caste in Shudras) meaning oppressed. He was a well-read lawyer but still, he was discriminated against and oppressed due to his caste. So he stood up, fought for the rights of oppressed classes and became the FATHER OF OUR CONSTITUTION. 
Now, to improvise the situation of the backward classes, he introduced the Reservation System. Which meant that the different institutions and government jobs, they will have to reserve seats in some amount of percentage for the backward classes.  Well, it was a very good idea to bring up the backward classes. 
For everything, there is a time limit and it has to stop. But none of the leaders has dared and has balls to remove this reservation system as they fear that they will lose their vote banks from these backward classes.
Now this reservation system has gone to a different level. Now, these private institutions have put a reservation (In high percentage) for castes they favour too. For instance, if the owner of a particular institution is Gujrati, he puts a fucking quota for Gujratis too, apart from the reservation that is already a compulsion for backward classes. I mean its all screwed up man. Where the hell should the general or open caste people should go?
This is what I would call Discrimination! 

You are fucking discriminating and favouring a caste against another. And Ironically we are taught in THESE INSTITUTIONS to stop discrimination.
If these institutions want to really put this Reservation System, then give it on some merits, not due to some caste and religion, which is all just an accident of birth.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

India and Politics

Politics, one of the most trending topics in our country. The funniest part of our politics is "OUR PARTIES". Political Parties in India is not only the fundamental base of our constitution but it has also become a BRAND. Every political party, except for advertising and gaining more followers, does not work for the betterment of the people.
Well, let me tell you something about our "POLITICAL PARTIES." Our country consists of a multiparty system. So unlike the US, we aren't screwed for having 2 parties, that too, whose leaders are Trump and Clinton (HAHAHA). But still, don't worry our country is as ruined as you guys are right now.
Currently, we have 48 regional parties and 7 National parties. For those who don't know the difference between them let me tell you. In regional parties, a group of morons fight other morons and threaten each other to hold power at the state. Likewise, national parties run to hold power in the central government. So basically our country is just run by a bunch of ignoramuses. 
The hottest and interesting national parties in our country are BJP, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress. Well, there are other parties but they can't really do anything on their own. Democracy stands for, for the people, by the people and to the people, but what these politicians hear is, for them, by them and to them. 
In the state of Maharashtra, in 2018, within the period of four months, 852 Farmers have committed suicide due to water scarcity. Now you will be thinking how is this the fault of the government or politicians. The answer to it is, the canals and irrigation facilities constructed for the Farmers, are directed towards the farmhouses of MP's and MLA's. Interestingly, their enjoyment is more important than the lives of our poor farmers.
I wouldn't say its really their fault since, we (The People, The Voters) are the first reason that they have become "ministers". We have the power to stop them but we just blindly cast our vote and in some cases, we don't even cast a vote. We are the biggest fools without any doubt.
There is another instance that really annoys me a lot. And now it's about us, The People. During the elections in 2014, In Delhi, When the AAP's leader Arvind Kejriwal was on a  rally, an auto driver slapped him which lead the followers of AAP to almost beat the driver to death. He was badly beaten up and was majorly injured. 
And now when our soldiers, who PROTECT US from terrorists and invaders, die nobody gives a damn. There is just aggression and agony for a few minutes and then we set back our minds by some discount offers from Big Bazaar. And when some politicians are Slapped, there are riots, violence everywhere, innocents injured and killed. So think twice about who the real terrorists are.
Parties think of castes as a vote bank. In 2018 Karnataka elections, Congress really just crossed the levels. They created another caste in Hinduism, by breaking up an old caste in Karnataka, for their benefit and to get more vote.
Now let's talk about BJP. The leader of BJP is Narendra Modi, who is currently the Honourable Prime Minister of India. Before we start, let me clarify, I am not some BJP die-hard fan, I am just a student who wants to put his point. The BJP government has done some really awesome work over the few years like:-
1) demonetization of our old currency which led to decrease of black money by 80%
2) compulsion of linking their bank accounts with aadhar card, which has led to an increase in filing of income tax. During the 10 years reign of Congress, only 1.7% of taxpayers filed their income tax. But now due to this act, there has been a rise of taxpayers by 20 million.
3) Our country has made good relationships with different countries like USA, Russia, Israel, Etc. It was only possible due to those treaties and visits by our Prime Minister.
4) In 2016 after Pakistani Soldiers killed our several officers in Uri, J&K. We did a surgical strike and took the revenge of those soldiers who died.
There are many other good things which you can google later. But there weren't only good points of them, there were also some mistakes which made people furious. But still, when we weigh the pros and cons, pros weigh more and I hope that the Modi Government continues. 
For the conclusion, I really wanna say that we have a lot of power in our hand and we should stop being dimwits and think smart cause our countries future is on sake. We are above the government or should I say WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. And this is not just for Indians, this is for the whole world. Stop being differentiated by caste and race, unite together as Humans and nobody can stop us.

"In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia"     ~George Orwell

Sunday, 3 June 2018


In everyone's life, happiness has a different meaning or you can say they find happiness in different things. For some people, happiness is traveling to different places, for some, it is eating various foods and for some just sleeping is happiness. But now as we live in this metropolitan world, spontaneously we are participating in this marathon of success and power and with every checkpoint, as we pass through our greed increases. We crave for more and with that, we leave the most important thing in life behind, Smile and Happiness. We believe that pursuing this "success" and winning this marathon will bring all the happiness in this world. But trust me my friend rushing and running as fast as possible, thinking about the happiness in future will do you no good, until and unless you learn to live the present and seize the opportunities in the present. Pursue Happiness and Pursue your Passion and it will do wonders for you. Do what you love you have this one life. Live it don't waste it on something that will ruin it for you. Don't let yourself ruin it. I know it might be easy for me to say just "be happy" as I have never really experienced the pain of depression or heartbreak or something more worse. But you have this precious gift of life, whatever that worries you just leave that behind for some time and go to a place like a beach where you might find peace and happiness or read something or watch something that will keep your mind of it and just be happy in your life. You will find a different change in your life. You will find more people around, more people will want to be friends with you because you get this different aura around you that other people will love too. I have had this question for many years that is that the happiness referred in the context above is as same as the happiness a person finds in killing people or being dominant or raping someone. Why term them as SADISTS? Why call them as psychopaths? What is the meaning of true Happiness? And after some time, I realized the answer to this myself. I understood what happiness truly meant. The true definition of happiness you can say is the moment when you are happy and people in your surrounding also feels your joy, they also feel happy being around that is what happiness is.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Top 10 facts you should know about BITCOIN, That will leave you stunned.


Here are some facts about Bitcoin that you may never have heard.

1) The owner of Bitcoin is Mystery.
There were several claims about the owner of Bitcoin, For E.g.:- Craig Wright in December 2016 claimed publicly that he is the owner of Bitcoin and he is Satoshi but unlike many he was also a fraud.

 2) The first transaction done using Bitcoin was done to order a Papa John’s Pizza!

On 22 May 2010, two Papa John’s Pizza was exchanged for 10,000 BTC by Laszlo Hanyecz.
At that time, the worth of 10,000 BTC was $41, and today the worth of 10,000 BTC was $185,490,050.

3) The Bitcoin of Transaction is done anonymously.
During a transaction, name and identity are not used in any form. Only once Publics Address is shown.

4) No. of Bitcoins are finite, they are not infinite.
Many people think that if BTC is a cryptocurrency, then it is unlimitedly available, but the truth is that there are exact 21 Million BTC, if bitcoins were unlimited then the worth it is holding right now, it would have not been possible.

5) If once you lose the passcode or security key to you BlockChain account then all the bitcoins the person hold will be lost forever. So all most 64% of bitcoins have been lost and can never be used again.

6) FBI own 1.5% of the bitcoins.

7) Bitcoins cannot be banned and it is not run by any government.

8) You can also buy goods and service using BTC. Many MNC’s such Dell, Microsoft, etc. use BTC as 
a mode of payment.

9) Bitcoin is illegal in Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador and Bangladesh.

10) Bitcoin is an open source and can be used by anyone. Once all bitcoins are minted, transaction fees can drive miners.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Who is Developer of Bitcoin? Learn About Bitcoin (Part-2)

Bitcoin, A fragile bubble or something better in disguise?

There’s a famous saying, “All that shines is not gold.” But in the case of bitcoin it seems obvious.

Since June 2015, there has been a tremendous peak in Bitcoin price. Bitcoin prices have increased more than 400% this year. In May of 2017 it was merely around $1400 and as of December 2017, it is more than $17000! This has provided investors with robust gains and generating strong visibility for cryptocurrency space.

According to Jordan Hiscott from Ayondo markets, “Bitcoin’s rapid growth model is a sign of shifting paradigms in the world of finance.” The world is rapidly changing since the advent of technology. Especially, the internet. Post-2008 economic crises, bitcoin was created as a “peer to peer” money transfer system with no centralized administration or government involved.
The reasons for increase in Bitcoin’s value is quite surprising.  The growing demand and popularity of bitcoin and awareness in the crypto market has led to its unprecedented increase.

Despite the rapid growth, economists are still apprehensive of the token’s inherent volatility and signs that it could be a mere price bubble.
But what led to this amazing cryptocurrency’s value and demand?  Let’s find out.

Bitcoin’s creator: Craig or Satoshi?
Craig Steven Wright, a businessman and computer scientist from Australia. In December 2015, a combined investigation by Gizmodo and Wired claimed that, Wright was the alleged creator of bitcoin and he was behind the alias, Satoshi Nakamoto.  But further reports suggested that it was a mere scam and hoax. [source:ZDnet, The New Yorker]

In 2016, Wright claimed to be the creator of bitcoin which was contradicted by Jon Matonis from Bitcoin Foundation. He mentioned in a blog post that Wright had just copied old signatures from 2009 and used it as Satoshi. Wright also disputed against their claims that he was the creator of bitcoin but he stopped later.

Whether true or not, Bitcoin always has intimidated me and the tech community since it’s invention.

Who is Developer of Bitcoin? Learn About Bitcoin (Part-1)

Bitcoin, the Ultimate Money.


The trend of bitcoin has been going all over the world. Most of the news channel, YouTube, and Blogs are mostly focusing on Bitcoin nowadays. Now the question arises why?

First, let us start with what is Bitcoin? For those who don’t know.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, in a layman’s language, it is a digital currency that does not require any authorization or a so-called stamp from any government. A person can buy bitcoin and trade it on his own will through the use of a technique called cryptography.

The trend of bitcoin has grown so much and so fast that by 2015 itself, most of the merchants and traders started accepting bitcoin as a medium of exchange. And a research by a Cambridge University says that by 2017 around 2.9 million to 5.8 million unique users are using cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. (Source: - Wikipedia.)

And now comes that why Bitcoins are the hot topic going on the internet? The answer to this question is because of its rates! The worth of one bitcoin is approximately $17029.76. Yes! One bitcoin is worth Seventeen Grand! And this prize also fluctuates a lot. It mostly increases! From my personal experience I was one day randomly checking the price of BTC (Short Form of Bitcoin) it was around 12 grand, and after around 4-5 hours the price of 1 BTC was whopping $16,000. I was in literal shock. I mean got a craving that god just give me one effing bitcoin and I would never ask anything of you! 

History of Bitcoin

Many people have asked this question about who the hell is the founder of Bitcoin, I mean who is that mastermind behind this marvelous cryptocurrency. The answer to this actually is a way confusing. Let us go to 2008.
In August 2008, a domain called ‘’ was published. Someone called Satoshi Nakamoto implemented the bitcoin software as an open source code and released it in January 2009.

Now, one might wonder what is confusing in that. The confusing part that arises now is that Satoshi Nakamoto is not a name! Satoshi Nakamoto is a term used by the unknown person or people who designed the BTC, It can be either a group of person or an individual who knows. In 2010, according to a report, it was said that Nakamoto handed the network alert key and bitcoin core over to Gavin Anderson (A Programmer).

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Does the education system educate?

Does the education system educate?

Martin Luther King Jr. Once said, “Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.” But does it apply in our modern world? Let’s find out.
We live in an era full of technological wonders with such capabilities that can possible change the world through students. Education is easily accessible and understandable as compared to what we learn at our schools. But do we really understand the true motive behind an education system?
For those who live in India, education becomes a ‘social status’ rather than a person’s actual capability. Last year in 2016 the Central Board of Secondary Education announced that it would reinstate the ‘old’ pattern of board examinations that 10th graders give at the end of their academic year. At first it really looked like something that was done hastily; especially for us students who’d be appearing for the board exams in 2018. Many were skeptical about how we’d be able to accept this and what not.
Honestly, CBSE said that it brought back this system so that teenagers would take exams seriously and the deserving would get marks. Still even after so much efforts, it has not proved itself.
In India, corruption has been quite evident in the past few decades and the most common platform for it was in the education sector. Many people shell out lakhs of rupees so that their children can get admission into that one ‘special school’ which seems to provide the best quality education. Education is something that needs to come from one’s own self. It cannot be forced into a person.
Many people criticize India education system because of its so called outdated system. But do they realize that, many of the world’s top entrepreneurs were once alumni of this system? Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft. Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google and our former president and one of the greatest scientist A.P.J Abdul Kalam and many more… all these people came from this country’s education system. The Indian Institute of Technology one of the most reputed colleges of the world produces more than 10,000 engineers and techies each year!
Lastly, I would like to say that people need to stop assuming education as a social construct. Students who score less are looked down upon as failures while those who score good marks are taken as future builders of nations. One thing I would like to say is that the people who once failed are now at the top positions of many companies because of their dedication.
The only way the education system will improve, is when parents stop burdening students of studying and start accepting for what they are.

Friday, 8 December 2017

A crucial stage, Teenage.

A crucial stage, Teenage.

When the word teenage comes to anyone’s mind, everyone especially “THE RELATIVES” and small children starts to wonder an awesome life, chilling out with friends and the first thing that comes to our “RELATIVES” mind is the ALCOHOL AND SMOKING. It’s true! All they can think about is fun and doing time pass. But they don’t know that we also go through a lot of crisis, Emotional, Physical and what not! The stage of Teenage, is very perilous. It is just like we are in a stage of cocoon where a small mistake could mess up our whole life. In this stage we have to be very much careful, we have to review every step before taking it of course.

In Teenage, our life is full of choices, it depends upon us which choice to take and which not! But those choices are also classified into 2 categories and those are good and bad (obvious) so try to always make a good choice. And now one might wonder, How to make good choices? The simplest answer I can provide is that always listen to your heart. If you have any one tiny doubt about your choice back off from it because your heart knows it which choices are right and which not! “Always believe in the force.”

 And also from many teens experience, I have always seen that there is a continuous argument and fight with their parents! It’s really common in teens, arguing and fighting with parents. And in this stage, Friends are like almighty god to us! Whatever they speak are the direct words and phrases to enlightenment. We simply blindfold believe that what they speak is true and when the same thing parent speaks we think they don’t know anything about us and that they are OLD FASHIONED OR MINDED. Let me tell you one thing that parents are the true ones who care about us and also want real good for us. Always trust your parents, they are the true god, they are the one who brought you in this world.

And now comes the main phase in a teen’s life, Peers and Peer Pressure! Peers play an important role in a teen’s life as I said earlier. But peer pressure can literally spoil one. In this stage you may be forced to smoke, to consume alcohol and many other things. And if your friends does this to you leave their company, cause a friend, a true friend will motivate you to do good things not such things that will ruin your life.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How much selfish are we?

The Selfish Us

Due to the dark forces capturing my mind and feeding off us, we are drowning in the dark river where our own mind is not in our own consciousness.
In India, the south and the south western region is under the attack of a cyclone, Ockhi. There had been several casualties also.
Well, yesterday our Education Minister declared holiday in schools and colleges because of cyclone warnings. Of course, all the students including me were happy, as getting a day off from school. But none of us even thought about those that were affected! How selfish are we? We always just think about things which benefits US! We never care about others sentiment and their conditions.
A small thing happened with me yesterday. Well, it was around 7 p.m(GMT) and I read about the news of Cyclone and the Holiday declared by the minister, so I thought of sharing it with my friends. We had few chats and then some of them started hoping that it goes on andthat the cyclone should happen in a hope to get more holidays. I know it’s child psychology but at least we are not of that  age that we can’t understand what to say and not! We (at this age) know most of the things, but when comes to serious problems why are some people back away calling themselves as kids.
This generation has gone far beyond driven by the power of dark forces. We all are living in the world where truth has become rather difficult. People like to hea sweet lies rather than hearing the bitter truth. We all just want to stay in the place of illusion and never  want to get out of it; some who try to do so are shot down by the darts of dark forces. And those who try to protest are drowned by the dark waters.
We all live in our cozy homes just commenting about what the government and people are doing wrong! But if we have some guts to stand together then these darts and those waters would just be a tiny barrier to cross.

If we leave some selfishness behind and remove the dark blindfolds then nothing can penetrate us. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

An Intimate Crime, Rape

An intimate crime, RAPE.
Rape. A heinous act of sexual assault performed by both men and women since the dawn of civilization. From be the Roman Empire or a remote village in Afghanistan, rape is rape. Rape is committed by people out of reasons which are really pompous. At this time I would like to quote Freda Adler, a criminologist and an educator. “Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.”
In today’s world, people are disgusted more by rape victims than rapists; and you know why? The answer is: stereotype and prejudices. People are so accustomed to believing that people get raped because their asking for it?! It’s pretty absurd for one to make such an accusation. Instead of blaming the victim, we should think for a moment about her life. She could be anyone! Your friend, a colleague or even a person from a backward class. Many people think that rape is an act of intercourse without consent; it’s not necessary that it be an intercourse. It can be anything. A simple act of sexual assault is rape when done without any consent.
Statistics state that crimes related to sexual assault have been on a rise exponentially. A United Nations statistical report compiled that more than 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape has been recorded by the police. There has also been news about a 30 day old infant being raped. (It’s really unimaginable but it’s true)
Has humanity forgot being a human? We people sit at our homes continuously complaining that crimes are increasing but we won’t do anything. We need to change our attitude and our belief that women should change themselves to prevent getting raped. The problem is not with women, not with men, but our mind. You can't teach your sons not to rape. You need to teach your son's to respect womankind from a very young age so that it feeds into their mind very clearly when they reach a appropriate age. But does our so called “moral values” allows us to teach our children about sexual crimes? No. We need to step out of our conservative ideas about crime and spread awareness about the truth which is un-fabricated.
Lastly, I’d like to say that we people need the will to accept. Modern society accepts rapists as normal people who act as if they’ve done nothing. But as for rapists they are looked down upon as worthless people who did it for themselves because of their attitude. We can change this by helping those affected people because the victims are so in shock and trauma that they don’t even realize what had happened with them.

So I end by saying, rape can be prevented when we pause and go to the source and start right there.

Monday, 4 December 2017

The Path towards Light.

The Path towards Light.

We all live in an illusion, where our mind is filled with disturbing thoughts. Our mind is trapped by the dark forces of the world, manipulating us to do bitter things. These dark forces soon capture our mind and turns the person into something that he could have never imagine. This dark force feeds off of  you like a parasite.
But as we all know wherever dark exists, there is always a path towards light. I personally don’t believe that god exists. I believe that universe is the almighty god, who listens to us and respond. And whatever I have learned till day, the universe always listens to us and make those things come true that we truly need. One must always be on the right path for letting the universe help you. But that path is a challenging one to find. You have to cross many obstacles coming in your way. And it won’t be as small as a barrier but as big as the mountains, and while climbing these mountains there is a risk of life.
One always spends their life going to bars, drinking, smoking and wasting their valuables declaring it as leisure and enjoying, but harming one’s own life cannot be called as enjoying one's own life. These actions do not lead to any good; It only leads to the darkness. Once you reach there, it would be very difficult for you to overcome it.
Universe is the impartial almighty, which listens to everyone, but acts only for those on the righteous path and who are faithful and honest. It is difficult to find people like this in this world.
There are omens, through which the universe makes contact with us. To bring us back if we are distracted. But these omens are sometimes hard to interpret, especially when impregnated with the dark forces. And also it is considered that following one’s heart can also keep you on the righteous path, because deep down in your core you know what is right and what is not.
Therefore one should always stay focused and clear his mind, keep his thoughts clean and always listen to his heart.